The Bull’s Den

Client The Bull’s Den Year 2019-10-05 Role Graphic Designer The Bull’s Den is a project started by a long-time friend looking to start their own business line. This is a brand tailored towards gentlemen with an interest in alcoholic beverages and cigars. Client Concept Draft Result

Lucky Dragon

Client Lucky Dragon Year 2019-11-01 Role Graphic Designer The business owner of Lucky Dragon was looking for a new logo, and also looking to freshening up their take-out menu. This was the final design of the menu with the change of logo. Original Design Result

Fujian Hujiang

Client Fujian Hujiang Association Year 2019-11-21 Role Graphic Designer 福建壶江同乡会, Fujian Hujiang Association is an established organization, that welcomes members from the same region of China. The purpose of the logo was to symbolize the land from which they are from. Client Concept Draft Result

Clearance Warehouse Client Clearance Warehouse Year 2019 – Now Role Print & Graphic Designer Ongoing support in promptly delivery of same-day flyer changes during busy seasons after overhauling the aesthetics and branding for Clearance Warehouse through logo and flyer redesign. Logo redesign Revamped their previous logo into a fresh, eye-catching look that better represents their strong, […]

Dept of National Defence

Base Gagetown Base Gagetown Client 5 CDSG Pers Sp Svcs – Base Gagetown Year 2020 – Now Role Communication Officer Collaborating to facilitate internal communications within the unit, formation, and base, especially via social media applications and tools. Reporting directly to Commanding Officer and Public Affairs 5 CDSG Personnel Support Services (Pers Sp Svcs). Stakeholder […]