MoneyBroker Canada

Client CCT Printing Year 2019-03-25 Role Graphic Designer Ashley, from Money Broker, has experience in the mortgage and financial industry. This design was to take a new spin on her identity branding. Client Concept Result

神話 Shinwa

Client CCT Printing Year 2019-05-22 Role Graphic Designer 神話 Shinwa is an Asian cuisine situated in the heart of Waterloo, Ontario. Being in the student region, they wanted a new design that was a new change from their existing schematic, turning a new page in their business. Client Concept Result

Szechuan Beef Pot

Client CCT Printing Year 2019-05-27 Role Graphic Designer 蜀小匠 Szechuan Beef Pot is located in Markham, Ontario, specializing in Chinese cuisine serving beef and hot pot. This project was creating a new order form with their drink menu for in-store use. Client Concept Result

Lucky 7

Client CCT Printing Year 2019-07-29 Role Graphic Designer Lucky 7 is a local small chain restaurant that serves bubble tea and assorted snacks. This was a poster designed to promote a new item they are adding to their menu for the change of season. Client Concept Result


Client CCT Printing Year 2019-08-09 Role Graphic Designer Charidise Gourmet Taiwan is located in one of the busiest areas in Downtown, Toronto. The surroundings are made up by many fun spots and the city’s largest skyscrapers. These posters are designed to promote their new chain of dishes in a consistent fashion. Result

Witness Our Love

Client CCT Printing Year 2019-09-16 Role Graphic Designer A long time client of our firm reached out to us to design an entrance signage for their venue their wedding day. This was designed as client requested, closely resembling their preferences. Client Concept Result

Lucky Dragon

Client Lucky Dragon Year 2019-11-01 Role Graphic Designer The business owner of Lucky Dragon was looking for a new logo, and also looking to freshening up their take-out menu. This was the final design of the menu with the change of logo. Original Design Result

Minjiang University

Client Minjiang University Alumni Association Year 2019-11-19 Role Graphic Designer At the upcoming social networking event, Minjiang University wanted to create signage to help direct the incoming alumni traffic to the right area. This design utilized the images of the school to serve in the background as an accent. Client Concept Result

Queen Financial Group

Client Queen Financial Group Inc. Year 2019-11-28 Role Graphic Designer Queen Financial Group Inc. was established in 2005, gaining a strong reputation in the region. The focus on their branding lies within the professionalism, confidence, and trustworthiness of their services. Card REdesign Result

Clearance Warehouse Client Clearance Warehouse Year 2019 – Now Role Print & Graphic Designer Ongoing support in promptly delivery of same-day flyer changes during busy seasons after overhauling the aesthetics and branding for Clearance Warehouse through logo and flyer redesign. Logo redesign Revamped their previous logo into a fresh, eye-catching look that better represents their strong, […]